Fair Trade Clothing

Fair Trade Bags - Fair Trade Totes

Wrap the World in Love Tote
From $12
Vibrant Village Ikat Tote
From $58
Colors: Sunset
Be Free Butterfly Tote
From $10
Colors: Magenta, Black
Recycled Plastic Mara Tote
From $12.8
Recycled Plastic Sundance Tote
From $17.8
Freeset Flower Tiles Tote
From $6.95
Colors: Brown, Blue
Vibrant Village Brocade Tote
From $66
Far East Slouch Tote
From $35
Start Small, Dream Big, Change Lives Freeset Tote
From $14
Colors: Brown
Ribbon Arts Tote
From $6.8
Colors: Pink, Blue
Antique Sari Tote Bag
From $34.95
Colors: Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Green
Vasanty Stripe Nylon Tote
From $14.8
Colors: Pink Orange
Matchbox Elephant Tote Bag
From $18.95
Color Wheel Tote
From $14.8