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Recycled Plastic Anarkali Handbag
From $14.8
Escama Masha Messenger Bag
From $186
Guatemalan Recycled Rainbow Cosmetic Bag
From $14.95
Horizontal Earn Your Stripes Sling Bag
From $9.95
Colors: Brown
The Good News Gift Bag
From $2.8
Sizes: L
Flower of Life Sling Bag
From $8
Colors: Green
Beacon of Hope Cosmetic Bag
From $3.8
Colors: Green
Reed Handbag
From $6.8
Colors: Burgundy
Reed-y for Change Handbag
From $5.8
Colors: Orange
Reduce Reuse Recycle Laptop Bag
From $23.8
Safari Stripe Cosmetic Bag
From $6.8
Colors: Red
Patch Works Sling Bag
From $11.8
This Bag is Garbage Messenger Bag
From $12.8
Colors: Brown Black
Close the Loop Sling Bag
From $12.95
Colors: Blue, Multicolor
Tree of Life Sling Bag
From $22.95
Hold Your Own Cosmetic Bag
From $3.8
Colors: Brown, Blue, Black
This Bag is Garbage Tote
From $7.8
Colors: Brown Black
Gorgeous Guatemalan Passport Bag
From $3.8
Colors: Black
New Leaf Applique Cosmetic Bag
From $5.8
Colors: Red, Tan
Square Deal Handbag
From $21.8
Colors: Gold, Brown, Black
Inca Leather & Wool Handbag
From $25.8
Colors: Black, Green
Ugandan Convertible Bucket Bag
From $68
New Leaf Applique Tote Bag
From $7.8
Colors: Tan
Ugandan Waxcloth Laptop Bag
From $15.8
Antique Sari Tote Bag
From $34.95
Colors: Brown, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Green
Recycled Netting Messenger Bag
From $38
Colors: Purple, Blue
Reduce Reuse Recycle Messenger Bag
From $59.95
Midnight Stripe Woven Handbag
From $22
Peaceful Patchwork Hobo Bag
From $25.95
Recycled Commonwealth Games Messenger Bag
From $11.8
Carry Good Tote Bag
From $12.8
Colors: Brown, Blue
Daisy May Cosmetic Bag
From $4.8
Colors: Brown
Peruvian Tapestry Shoulder Bag
From $34.8
Colors: Green Purple, Red Black
Escama Francisca Shoulder Bag
From $84
Reed Messenger Bag
From $8.95
Colors: Burgundy, Teal
Guatemalan Recycled Rainbow Bag
From $29.95
Earn your Stripes Cosmetic Bag
From $7.8
Colors: Brown
Ghana Calico Shoulder Bag
From $16
Ray of Light Cosmetic Bag
From $4.8
Colors: Brown, Blue
Purposefully Paisley Messenger Bag
From $7.8
Colors: Green