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Escama Masha Messenger Bag
From $186
Peruvian Tapestry Shoulder Bag
From $29.8
Colors: Red Black
Guatemalan Recycled Rainbow Bag
From $29.95
Recycled Plastic Anarkali Handbag
From $12.8
Reed Handbag
From $6.8
Colors: Burgundy
Square Deal Handbag
From $16.8
Colors: Gold, Brown, Black
Reduce Reuse Recycle Messenger Bag
From $38.8
Close the Loop Sling Bag
From $9.95
Colors: Multicolor
Tree of Life Sling Bag
From $22.95
Inca Wool Handbag
From $17.8
Colors: Black, Green
Matchbox Elephant Tote Bag
From $18.95
Dotty Handbag
From $8.8
Colors: Brown
Recycled Commonwealth Games Messenger Bag
From $9.8
Ghana Calico Shoulder Bag
From $11.8
Antique Sari Tote Bag
From $34.95
Colors: Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Green
Boubacar Mudcloth
From $13.95
Recycled Netting Messenger Bag
From $38
Colors: Purple
Guatemalan Recycled Rainbow Cosmetic Bag
From $14.95